Complete Emergency Management Program

Safety Devices VITAL Director

Manage all your emergency devices at our online, interactive website. You can access information regarding each device in your program from expiration dates to maintenance reports. Compliance with state and federal regulations are available at a glance. Contact us for a step-by-step tour of this unique product. You won't believe how easy it is to manage your safety program. To get a better idea about how VITAL Director can benefit your safety program, View this video..

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Program Management Includes:

• AED Medical Oversight
• Emergency Oxygen
• First Aid/CPR Training
• First Aid Replenishment Service
• Emergency Eye Wash Stations
• Fire Extinguishers
• Regulated Medical Waste

AED Medical Oversight

We offer complete management of your AED program including monthly inspections, software updates, physician oversight, state required EMS coordination/ and state required manifest documentation.

Emergency Oxygen

Our emergency oxygen program is designed for layperson's administration and will dramatically increase your level of preparedness. We can provide monthly inspections, flow-rate testing, refills, manifest documentation and annual preparedness training.

First Aid/CPR Training

The Northwind training program has received "Outstanding" marks for quality of training and effectiveness. Training dates, class lists and renewal alerts help keep your training program on track.

First Aid Replenishment Service

Keeping First Aid Supplies stocked and available is the best way to keep employees safe, healthy and on the job. Our service includes monthly AED and Oxygen inspections at no additinal charge.

Emergency Eye Wash Stations

Be confident that your Eye Wash Stations are being professionally serviced in accordance to strict guidlines for cleanliness and sanitation.

Fire Extinguishers

Northwind Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Annual Maintenance help reduce the risk of damage to your facility, injuries to your employees and customers, and fines for fire code noncompliance.

Regulated Medical Waste

Are you disposing of your medical waste properly? Northwind offers an inexpensive approach to discarding medical waste while complying with State EPA and DOT regulations.