First Aid Training

First Aid & Emergency Response Training

Northwind has a comprehensive First Aid & Emergency Response Training Program. Each trainer gives hands-on demonstrations with an assortment of first aid products. Students are shown various injuries and instructed in the proper response and treatment methods. Your employees will be well prepared not only for workplace emergencies, but also for any event they may encounter.

Course includes:
• burns
• eye injuries
• large and small wounds
• fractures
• unconscious victims
• trauma emergencies
• heat-stress/heat-stroke
• triage
Meets AMA Guidelines and OSHA requirements.

Watch this video and see how a workplace training helped a man save his son from a horrific accident.

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First Aid & Emergency Response Programs

Standard ERT - (4 hours) Covers primary assessment and standard CPR.
Advanced ERT - (7 hours) Covers primary and secondary assessments with an in-depth study on burn treatment. Includes Advanced CPR.
Standard ERT, CPR, Oxygen & Defibrillator Training - (4-5 hours) Our most popular course covers primary assessment, oxygen administration, advanced CPR with manekin, and defibrillator demonstration including student practice.

To schedule an class, email customerservice@northwindcorp.com